Learn Chinese Singapore


Learn Chinese Singapore

With over 1.9 billion speakers across several countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Singapore, Mandarin is one of the most widely spoken languages around the world. Its large volume of speakers offers you an increasing number of people you can meet for business or other interactions. To relate with more people and maximize your income long term, learning Chinese is a real deal.

Having seen Singapore emerge as one of the global players, the Mandarin opens you to private business trade, allowing you to scale up your business significantly. With comprehensive knowledge and extensive classes anchored by experts, you can learn Chinese in Singapore fast.

Whether you’re starting a business, looking to introduce your service to potential customers, or you just relocated to Singapore, learn Chinese to increase your communication skills. Knowing how to speak Mandarin, will enable you to communicate anywhere, giving you an edge over competitions. Aside business, a good knowledge of Mandarin can make your travel experience even more rewarding. You can interact with people conveniently when you travel to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and other Chinese speaking countries, experience different cultures, meet new people, eat at their restaurant, as well as shop at your convenience. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to understand the unique Chinese culture while speaking with locals.

One of the best ways of learning Chinese in Singapore is by enrolling in a dedicated Chinese school in Singapore. In this way, you can have access to a professional Chinese tutor to put you through all the rudiments to accelerate your learning.

At Learning Explorer, We offer full-time Chinese courses tutored by highly qualified professionals with years of extensive knowledge and expertise. We offer you a unique opportunity to learn Chinese in Singapore, allowing you to harness fully the benefits which include; easy communication, business productivity, fantastic travel experience, as well as gain more exposure to different people and culture.

Whether you desire to learn Chinese for an international language proficiency test or business purposes, Learning Explorer got you covered. As renowned Singapore’s Chinese language school focusing on an innovative way to tutor Chinese, we provide a comprehensive training that allows our students to communicate fluently and get incredibly high scores when taking the Chinese language proficiency test.

Our unique and cutting-edge approach set us apart from others as our aim and objectives are centered on being a one-stop Chinese school offering thorough Chinese classes in Singapore. Our methodologies also enable students to learn how to pronounce words correctly and speak like an expert when around local speakers. With our passion, commitment, and effort we can help you become fluent and give you the confidence you need to get a significant boost in any situation. Our Chinese lessons, combined with the native-speaking expertise of our tutors, you can learn Chinese in no time.


SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Courses for Singaporean age 25yrs old and above.

8 Benefits from Group Mandarin lessons:
1. Accredited Chinese course syllabus produced by professional agencies Hanban in China in line with international HSK standard.
2. Experienced teacher who are native Mandarin speakers and bilingual. (able to use proficient English to explain in class)
3. Our Mandarin teachers are all professionally trained and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified.
4. Our small Mandarin class size (4 to 6 people*) with a good teacher to students ratio. (greater attention is given to students for better result)
5. The interactive and dynamic way of learning Mandarin. (more role-play and practice in forming sentences)
6. Effective learning tools like Video Lessons & Audio CD have proven to yield a better result when students review these before and after class.
7. Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the work book will be provided to have more practice.
8. Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & work-book, audio-CD, and in-house video lessons. Communicative teaching approach is used for all levels

T&C Applies *

Private Mandarin Class

We understand the hectic schedule of work and family life in Singapore. A lot of individuals prefer private lessons because of its simplicity and flexibility that lets you learn Chinese in Singapore without any hindrance or difficulty. Not only will students be able to decide their class schedule and venue (including online lessons), they will be able to customise their lessons content, judging on the focus area of study and the result they wish to achieve.

At Learning Explorer, you get our Private Mandarin Class hourly rate at $60/hr, while a package of 10 lessons (20 hours), cost $1,200 and a material fee of $50/pax for course book & workbook + audio CD + recorded Mandarin videos and tailor-made syllabus. You can choose the training venue to be at our center or your office or your house.

Learning Explorer can help you learn Mandarin at the comfort of your own. Get in touch, and let’s help you achieve the result you dream using our Mandarin video lessons before class and after class. Contact us today!

Group Mandarin Class

– Course Fee $500 per student including tuition fee, material fee and registration fee

Morning Beginner 1 Group Class (10 sessions over 10 weeks completion from 10am to 12pm weekly)

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Evening Beginner 1 Group Class (10 sessions over 10 weeks completion from 7pm to 9pm weekly)

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Weekend Beginner 1 Group Class (10 sessions over 10 weeks completion)

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Why is our group Mandarin course features so unique?

• Each level consists of 20 training hours for 10 lessons over 2.5 months (for weekly classes) or 10 days (for intensive daily classes) completion.

• Material fee of $50 per pax (including course book & workbook, Audio Cd, Video lessons and custom-made syllabus)

• If you missed any classes, here are the options available i. Arrange a Skype training if you are not in Singapore ii. Arrange a Quick makeup class before the next class iii. Watch our Recorded 2hrs Video lesson and audio for own revision

• Training Centres are located near 3 MRT stations (Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, and Telok Ayer) Venue: 137 Cecil Street level #07-04 / #08-04, Singapore 069537 and 105 Cecil Street, level 16, Octagon building, Singapore 069534

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Course Preview and Topics covered:

– Mandarin learning objectives
– Importance of using Hanban Chinese syllabus and Native Mandarin teacher
– Why is Communicative teaching is better than academic learning?
– Why focusing on perfecting your tones will slow down your conversational skills learning?
– How teaching and recorded class videos can double your learning speed?

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