Why English Lessons Are The Best Way To Equip Yourself

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English is the lingua franca of the world, and the 2nd most widely spoken language on earth. (Surprise! The top place is taken by Mandarin Chinese, with 1.1 billion speakers worldwide.) Owing to the historical dominance of the British empire and today’s economic and cultural influence of the US, English has become the preferred language of communication between peoples of different tongues.

From science to technology, a lot of words we use today are based in or borrowed from English. At least 55 nations in the world have English as one of their official languages, and a lot of universities in the world have courses with English as the medium of instruction. With English having such great importance in the world today, it would be a significant disadvantage to have a limited command of the language.

If you are reading this article, chances are, you might not need help in English. But you might know someone who is struggling with the language, or someone who desires to improve their fluency in English. English classes are recommended to enhance anyone’s proficiency in the language, and here’s why:

Paced learning

If you have tried to learn anything on your own using internet tutorials or instructional books, you will know that it takes a whole lot of motivation to make just a small step of progress.

Similarly for English, it is always better to take up a course as it is more structured, and the learning is paced appropriately for you. Professional teachers will be able to give you personalised feedback and suitable learning materials to help you progress quickly. Attending a class also forces you to keep on schedule and learn something weekly, rather than leaving you room for procrastination.

Confidence Build-up

When you learn a language on your own, it can be immensely daunting the first time you try to speak to someone else in the new language. By participating in a language class, you will be able to gain confidence using the language with native users of the language. From speaking to writing, you will build up experience communicating with a native user of the language in the safe confines of the classroom before you go out to use it in real-life situations.

English classes will give you ample opportunities to practice your English such that you will be ready to tackle conversations with proficient English speakers in no time! Soon, you will be able to welcome English-speaking visitors and liaise with English-speaking clients. Confidence in your newly learnt language will go a long way in establishing relations in your personal and professional life.

Learn relevant knowledge

An English language course is recommended as it will teach you in a relevant way to use the language in the world. Sometimes, learning language from a book may teach you a lot of good vocabulary, but not words you need to use in your daily life. In contrast, language courses are structured such that you learn all that you need to know to get by in life using the language.

As cross-border mobilisation is increasingly common nowadays, you can be sure that a reputable language course will equip you with the necessary language skills to navigate a new land. Have peace of mind when you travel, knowing that you can read the signs, and can seek help from the locals.

Don’t lose out in a world dominated by English – English is no longer just a language, but a tool for empowerment. If you or anyone you know are seeking ways to improve their English, consider attending an English course in Singapore.