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What is a language placement test?

A language placement test is an exam which aims to assess a person’s proficiency language in a certain language.

Why should I take a language placement test?

The purpose of a language placement test is diagnostic- it aims to determine a student’s proficiency level to determine what courses and curriculum will be the best fit for their current level.

Accurate levelling is one of the key factors in successfully learning a new language. You have to know your current capabilities to know what your strengths are, what areas you need to improve on, and so on.

If you enroll in a course that is either too hard or too easy for your current level, chances are you would not find enough motivation to learn the language. This is why taking placement tests are important especially when you are about to start learning a new language.


What if I get a low level?

That’s perfectly okay. Placement exams are not like academic exams where the score you get is your final grade. On the contrary, placement exams tell you where to start your journey in learning a new language.

Do I still need to enroll in language classes if I get a high level?

Absolutely. As we said, placement exams are only there to tell us where to start. Getting a high level does not mean that we know everything about the language already. Sure, we may have a good grasp of it, but we still need lessons to keep on improving. We still need to expand our vocabularies, polish our grammar and pronunciations, and so on.

Our lessons provide students with the opportunity to enhance their skills through communicating with native teachers, as well as practising and interacting with fellow learners.


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