Our Language Schools


Here at Learning Explorer we give value to your learning. This is why we offer lessons from established language schools in Singapore:

Our 7 language schools offer Chinese Mandarin lessons, English lessons, Japanese lessons, Korean lessons, Spanish lessons, Thai lessons and Vietnamese lessons. We guarantee that the quality of your reading, writing and speaking skills will develop in the course of our different language curriculums.

We choose professional teachers who are certified native speakers of the language that they will be teaching. Also, our teachers are also proficient in English to aid you better in your language learning.

Our services aim to accommodate all budgets, schedules, and learning types. With this in mind, we have an array of lessons to choose from to fit your needs. Most of our materials are adapted from course syllabi accredited by reputable institutions which use the languages we teach.

We dedicate our efforts to making sure that you will have an interactive and dynamic learning experience that you will enjoy. We offer communicative lessons with the aid of other learning tools like video and audio material, as well as materials that you can take home.

Our language schools are dedicated to providing a wide array of lessons that range from Basic Conversational to Business language lessons, as well as modules to prepare you for language exams like IELTS, TOEFL, TOPIK, JLPT, GCE O, GCE A, PSLE, DELE Spanish and HSK Mandarin. We also offer the IB Chinese Curriculum for our Mandarin learners.

Our curriculums are all open to both adults and children alike, and we cater to each student’s learning type with the different types of lesson methods available (face-to-face, private, small group, corporate, and intensive).

Our schools’ aim is to ensure that our student’s language learning experiences are engaging, and custom-fit for their interests, while still being systematically taught. We believe that the best form of learning is experience-based and all of our schools offer similar types of systematised curriculums designed to help our students listen, speak, write, and read the languages that they desire to learn.