Chinese Edge was founded on the principle of helping people to learn Chinese conversational, reading and writing skills. With over 10 years in the business, our organisation was able to have over 10,000 students and help them all mastering this language. Our students all have improved in their Chinese language skills and have been able to communicate in Chinese in both Singapore and China.

Why Choose Us?

Professional and Qualified Teachers

Chinese Edge offers high-quality Chinese classes in Singapore with all native Chinese teachers who are fluent in English and Chinese, and all come from China. Our advantage is that we have a very strict screening process when choosing our teachers. Our teachers are all graduates of top universities from either China or Singapore. All teachers are also required to have at least Bachelor degree with major in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL).


Hanban Syllabus

Our Chinese course syllabus is structured accordingly in line with HSK international standard and to help our students fully masters the language. We make use of Hanban syllabus to help our students learn Chinese. Hanban is an official institution that is affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education and aims to teach students who want to learn Chinese.

One of Hanban’s missions is to encourage the use of the Chinese language in and outside of China. With the structured program flow that we are using, we are very confident in our ability to impart our knowledge and expertise to anyone who wants to learn from us. With the Hanban syllabus, we employ strict teaching standards to ensure quality education for our students.

Our Chinese teaching standards are at par with the HSK and IB Chinese which makes us one of the most reliable Chinese learning language schools in Singapore. With our years of experience, well-equipped teachers, unique curriculum, and our high teaching standards, we guarantee efficient and productive learning experience to anyone who wants to learn Chinese in Singapore.