Here at English Explorer, we strive to provide only the best English courses for all of our students. As English is the third largest language and spoken by a total of 340 million people worldwide, we do understand the need for providing good English classes to help people communicate with others around the globe. In Singapore, English is the official language for businesses; hence why we believe in its importance in the business world.

What Can You Expect from Us?

Native English Speakers and Bilingual Teachers

With our Oxford University accreditation, we follow a very strict standard when it comes to educating our students. We believe that for the students to learn English effectively, the school has to be effective first. For this, we only hire the best and most top-quality teachers in the country. All of our teachers are native English speakers, bilingual speakers, and very fluent in Chinese.  Rest assured our teachers are also TESOL and CELTA certified; this assures that they are very much fit to teach the language.


Tailored Fit Courses

What makes English Explorer stand out from many other English learning schools is that we believe in tailor fitting the course to our clients. We have discovered that personal attention is the key to helping our students learn English, and this is one of the aspects that we focus on. With this, we can help our students learn English in as early as two months.

Wide Array of Courses Fit for All Levels of Students

We also serve different kinds of clients, from children, who want to learn Basic English vocabulary, to adults, who want to learn conversational English to help them get around in the country. Our children’s English lessons are tailored fit to help children learn the language easily with beginner and advanced courses. The courses that we offer include business English courses, IELTS, TOEFL, and also MOE’s English lessons.

With our specifically designed approach to teaching English, we are confident that our school can help you learn English in a short span of time.