Learn Mandarin Singapore

Learn Mandarin Singapore

Learn Mandarin in Singapore | Skillsfuture Credits Eligible Mandarin Classes

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Linda Mandarin language school has received the Awards as follow:

2021 / 2022 ~ Top Business Service & Quality Award 2021
2019 / 2020 ~ Business Trust Award
2018 / 2019 ~ Successful Entrepreneur Award
2017 / 2018 ~ Top 100 SME Singapore Business Luminary
2016 ~ Top 80 Asia Brand Achievers
2015 ~ Singapore Excellence in Language Training

Learning Mandarin is a fascinating experience as more and more people learn it. However, as fascinating as it is, it is also not complex like many people thought. In fact, with practice and commitment, you will most likely find it very easy to Learn Mandarin in Singapore.

In Linda Mandarin, we have developed ways on how you can make it easy to breeze through the process of learning Mandarin, by practising the basic tones. The language relies on tones to give meaning to the words. Thus, it is essential to master the four basic tones first.

When you joining our Mandarin trial class, it enables you to learn the basic tones easily and memorize basic vocabulary and numbering. It will be a great help in learning Mandarin if you can memorise the basic vocabularies used for greetings and conversations, as well as, how to count in Mandarin. You will have an easier time understanding sentences if you know Pinyin and are already familiar with some of the words.

Pinyin is the writing system used for writing Mandarin using Roman letters. If you have a good understanding of the system, it will be easier for you to write, read and pronounce without having to proceed to the complex characters directly. Join our Mandarin group course and you will be assured of the highest quality in language learning with a passionate, experienced Mandarin tutor.

Singapore Mandarin Classes

SkillsFuture Credits Eligible Mandarin Courses under Learning Explorer Language Centre PL UEN: 201619499C for Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above.

8 Benefits from Group Mandarin lessons:

1. Accredited Chinese course syllabus which is aligned with international HSK standards and professional agencies of Hanban China.

Mandarin Classes Singapore

2. Bilingual teachers who are experienced and native Mandarin speakers, so they can converse in proficient English in class.

Mandarin Lessons Singapore

3. Our Mandarin teachers are certified in Applied Mandarin Linguistics and professionally trained.

4. The average size of our Mandarin class is small with a good teacher to students ratio, so students receive greater attention and support.

5. An interactive and dynamic way of learning Mandarin, which includes role-playing and practice in forming sentences.

6. Effective learning tools such as Video Lessons and Audio files for students to review them before and after class.

Mandarin Courses Singapore

7. Double learning support – students will be provided with a course book and e-copy of the workbook for more practice.

8. Dynamic learning tool available 24/7 – includes coursebook and E-workbook, in-house video lessons and audio files. The communicative teaching approach is applicable for all levels.

UTAP For Vietnamese Courses in Singapore

9. Our Mandarin courses qualify for Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) support, and NTUC members get course fee UTAP Mandarin course support of up to a maximum of $250.

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Private Mandarin Class (Linda Mandarin)

Due to the hectic schedule of work and family life in Singapore, private lessons offer the most flexibility to suit your Mandarin learning. Students can decide their class schedule and venue (including online lessons), and customise their lessons’ content so they can decide on the area of study and the results they wish to achieve.

Our Private Mandarin Class is $75 per hour. For a package of 10 lessons (20 hours), the tuition fee is $1,500 with a material fee of $50 per student for coursebook & E-workbook + audio files + recorded Mandarin videos and customised syllabus. You have the option to select the training venue to be at our centre, your office or your house. Duration will take 5 months to complete all 20 hours of training. A one-time registration fee of $50 is applicable per student.

Students have shown great results through our Mandarin video lessons that are used before and after class.

Group Mandarin Class (Linda Mandarin)

– Course Fee at $550 per student not inclusive of the $100 registration fee and material fee. Our courses are also eligible for SkillsFuture Credits.

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What is unique about our group Mandarin course features?

• Each level consists of 20 training hours for 10 lessons over a duration of 2.5 months (for weekly classes) or 10 days (for intensive daily classes) to complete.

• Material fee of $50/student (includes course book and workbook, Video lessons, Audio files, and custom-made syllabus).

• One-time registration fee of $50/student.

• If you had missed any classes, there are 3 options available for a makeup lesson:
i. Arrange an Online Zoom training if you missed classes or not in Singapore (additional charges to be advised)
ii. Watch our 2-hour recorded Video lesson and audio for self-revision (free)

• Training Centres are located near 3 MRT stations (Telok Ayer, Tanjong Pagar, and Raffles Place)
Venue: 137 Cecil Street level #07-04, Singapore 069537

Our Students’ Google Review more than 600


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Join Our Mandarin Course Preview & Trial Class Now

Singapore Mandarin Lessons

Course Preview and Topics covered:
– Mandarin learning objectives
– The importance of using Hanban Chinese syllabus and Native Mandarin teacher
– Why is communicative teaching is better than academic learning?
– Why does focusing on perfecting your tones slow down your conversational skills learning?
– How can teaching and recorded class videos double your learning speed?

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