Learn Mandarin in Singapore

Linda Mandarin is a dedicated Mandarin language school specializing in professional and high-quality Mandarin courses in Singapore. Our main customers are individuals with a passion and sincere interest to learn Mandarin in Singapore.

Since our inception, we have built a reputation as a leading and trusted Mandarin language school focusing on innovative approach and expertise that allows our students to communicate effectively in Mandarin missing the international HSK standard set by the Chinese Hanban organization.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive and Well-structured Courses

We offer Mandarin courses which include speaking, writing, and reading, giving you an in-depth understanding of the language. With our customised Mandarin lessons in Singapore, we aim to teach students to not only memorize Mandarin words and phrases but also to have a deep understanding of the language itself and communicate conveniently.


Professional and Bilingual Teachers

At Linda Mandarin, we are home to a team of native speakers with years of experience tutoring students in Singapore. We pride ourselves on our instructor’s fluency in both English and Mandarin with full certification by the Applied Mandarin Linguistics body. Our tutors also have vast knowledge and experience in providing Chinese Literature and Business Chinese training.

Our Mandarin tutoring experts are not just teachers; they are graduates with adequate knowledge and qualifications from top universities across China and Singapore. With well-trained teaching experience and expertise, we have all it takes to help you thrive excellently.

Specialised Teaching for Varied Group of Students

Whether you need Mandarin classes in Singapore for Adults or children, our Singapore Mandarin lessons will cater to your needs. Our goal is to impact Mandarin skills that make potential customers from Mandarin-speaking countries want to do business with you. Parts of our curriculum includes the use of special tools for improved learning such as videos and CDs. We also incorporate a lot of role-playing and sentence forming exercises as we aim to help you learn fast and more emphatically. You’ll get unlimited incentives working with us, as we also provide course books to help students study during their free time and even workbooks that contain exercises to practice at your pace. At Linda Mandarin, the list is endless!

Join us today and get access to a wide range of classes starting from beginner conversational Mandarin, advanced business Mandarin, intensive Mandarin crash course, the HSK exams review, International IB Mandarin, Local School Chinese lessons, and Mandarin for kids. We look forward to working with you.