Vietnamese Explorer

Vietnamese Explorer is a Vietnamese language school in Singapore that offers quality, affordable, and top-class Vietnamese language courses which cater to every age, level, or learning preference. We offer Vietnamese Language Courses in Singapore, with Our School Location in CBD Area. Vietnamese Explorer brings you closer to Vietnamese speaking countries by offering Vietnamese language courses in Singapore.

What Can You Expect from Us?

Native Speakers and Well-Versed Teachers

Our Vietnamese Teachers are Bilingual. You will learn Vietnamese language first hand thru native Vietnamese teachers who will coach you Vietnamese language using English to teach. Our Teachers will facilitate practical Vietnamese conversations in which will hone your speaking skills. Beginners could also grasp mastery of the language since the teachers can also guide you using the language.


Private and Group Lessons

We offer a wide range of classes from Basic Vietnamese Language classes to Intermediate or Advance level classes. We also hold private lessons and group lessons to cater to those who want to learn Vietnamese through one-on-one tutoring and to those who prefer to learn in a group. Our curriculum and syllabus are approved and certified by top Vietnam Universities and aligned with NLTV (Vietnamese Language Proficiency Test).

The NLTV, abbreviation of “Năng lực Tiếng Việt.” “Tiếng” means language. “Việt” means Vietnam. “Năng lực” means ability. “Năng lực Tiếng Việt” can be literally translated to “Vietnamese language ability,” which means the ability to understand and use Vietnamese. It is often used to demonstrate your Vietnamese Language Proficiency Level to evaluate Thai language proficiency in speech, reading comprehension, listening, and writing.

NLTV is probably the most official Vietnamese Language Proficiency Test so far as it is a test provided by a national university in Vietnam

Interactive Teaching Approach

What makes our language school different from the rest is our teaching style and strategies. Aside from our structured and systematic teaching syllabus, we also employ an interactive approach to our classes as this is proven to help students learn fast. We also provide recordings of our classes to help students review what they have learned in the class in case they forget. Moreover, we offer a way to help students learn Vietnamese in a fun and meaningful way.