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Barriers in Learning English Language | English Courses for Adults

Barriers in Learning English Language | English Courses for Adults


The English language, apart from being the medium of instructions, is one of the most complex subjects to learn as well. Most people who study this as their second language find it difficult because of the many rules to follow and subject-verb agreements to consider. Not in Singapore as the case may be since it has a diverse mix of culture with mostly English as their native tongues. The schools and other government bodies and public communications are all taught and written in this language.

There are several centres that teach English Course in Singapore. If you would like to enhance your skills, you can enroll to an English language school. You must overcome and break the barriers that hold you back in learning this language. Here are some chains to break:

        The most difficult language – English in all aspects, is very complex in terms of technicalities but rather simple if you understand the principles and the fundamentals. This idea comes from the fact that there are a lot of words and tones, pronunciations and punctuations that you need to study on before you can learn this language. How to break: Learning this language does not happen overnight. If you know basic words already you can gradually increase it daily. Take it slow but sure.

        Studying is Expensive – Most of the reasons that hinder people from learning new things is the price. Everyone thinks learning a new or second language is too costly. How to Break: If you don’t want to spend money on enrolling to center, there are a lot of ways to learn and improve your skills in English by using multimedia platforms like watching movies, reading books and magazines, listening to songs and stories and a whole lot more.

        A lot of Exams to Take – People often perceives that if you study English, you have order to prove your literacy. How to break: This only happens if you have taken this language seriously and wanted to take it to a higher level like migrating and working to English-speaking countries. However, if you only want to learn and converse in this language, there is no requirement for you to take these exams.

        Marry a Foreigner –Marrying an English-speaking man or woman will help you become and expert. How to break: You can learn this language at your own free will and without having any relationship from foreign men or women.

Most of these barriers are simply psychological that hinders you to fulfill your dream of being productive. The best way for you learning English is to enhance your skill is to find a center with native speakers to bring out the best in you.

Reasons Why People Find Learning English Difficult



Though English is the world’s medium of instructions, many people still find it difficult to learn this language. Not just because of too many exceptions to grammar rules but as well as complex verb tenses. Just because you know how to talk doesn’t mean you also know how to write and may even find it more confusing to read. Even native people of this language also experience similar level of difficultness with the foreign speakers. So practically speaking, one might need to learn this language in an accredited English language school to be able to fully grasp its essence.

In Singapore, there are two main forms being used: the Standard and the Colloquial or better known as Singlish wherein almost half or 42% of its population are foreigners so English is an important tool of communication. To be able to Learn English in Singapore, apart from the school system, one can enroll in tuitions or centers that provide comprehensive teachings. You can participate in an English class that has a systematic module and ESL (English as Second Language) certification.

Here are few of the reason why most people find it difficult to learn English:

  1. Rules and its exceptions – There are a lot of rules to follow before you can talk in a conversational manner; the most basic of which is the usage of a and an or technically known as Indefinite Articles. Commonly, people interchange or mix up these two but still the thought is same or understandable in a way.
  2. Pronunciation – This is also another common cause of confusion among students of this language. Some words are spelled out differently and speaking them is more blurry. Take for example the word “knife” where it is spelled out with the letter “k” but you can’t hear it anywhere when you say it.
  3. Say it same but it isn’t same –Already confused? Homophones are the technical way to express it. Like when you say “It is not the right way to tie a knot”. The words are pronounced the same but have totally different meaning.

In short, English may be quite complex to learn but it is an important language in the society. Once fully learned, you can enjoy its complexity and be able to pun to make it extra fun.