Top Five Advantages Of Learning Foreign Languages Explained

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The world that we live in is increasingly becoming more interconnected and interdependent with every passing second. In order to keep pace with this ever-evolving world, you need to have the magic of different languages. This will give you an opportunity to communicate with the outside world in a more meaningful fashion—preparing you for becoming part of the global economy. Here, we list down the top five advantages of learning foreign languages.

Connect better with people

The five senses in our body help us in connecting with the world around us. By having a working knowledge of any foreign language, we can increase our horizon of connectivity by margins as high as a bunch of countries and even continents! If you join courses like Japanese classes in Singapore, you will have an amazing opportunity to connect with a wide range of people in their personal and professional lives. You can also enrich your life by exploring different cultures across the globe and forging lifelong friendships. The rewards of being multilingual can be reaped throughout your life.

Accelerate your career

As the world has evolved into a global village, multilingual professionals have an edge over others, no matter what your skill level. It is one of the top eight skills that recruiters seek in their employees. As a matter of fact, between 2010 and 2015, the U.S. job market saw a favorable inclination towards multilingual candidates. This is mostly because it helps companies in expanding their customer base in different parts of the world. Also, being multilingual shows your employers that you are motivated and have the zeal to learn new skills.  For example, if you attend SkillsFuture Mandarin lessons in Singapore, you can be sure of being ahead of the crowd!

Brain tonic

No one can deny the cognitive benefits of learning different languages. Multilingual people have better memory, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, improved concentration, and listening skills. They are more creative and flexible than monolinguals. Their mental aging and cognitive decline take a backseat and they continue to enjoy the advantages of having a young brain.  These people are also known to score better in standardized tests as compared to monolinguals, especially in the areas of reading, math and vocabulary. With how unique mandarin Chinese is as a language, it will surely be a great challenge—and tonic for the brain. Enrol in SkillsFuture Chinese classes today and start reaping the various benefits mentioned!

Improved multi-tasking skills

Today’s fast-paced world demands multitasking. According to a study conducted by Pennsylvania State University, multilingual people who can easily slip from one language into another train their brain to adapt and perform this demanding task proficiently. These people become excellent multi-taskers and are successful in keeping their stress level at bay.

Enhanced decision-making power

There are a number of studies that show that decisions made in a language other than your mother tongue are more reason-driven. This happens because when we are thinking in another language, our brain distances itself from the emotional biases and responses that become deeply rooted with our native tongue. This helps us in making clear-headed and systemic decisions based entirely on the facts.

Thus, you have seen that becoming multilingual can offer you a number of benefits and add a spark to your personality. So, what’s the next language that you will learn?