Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Korean Language

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To learn any language, it’s really important to know how fast you want to progress in a language within a given amount of time and you absolutely have to know what exactly are you going to do to get there.

Give yourself a deadline and then stick to that deadline. Same goes for learning the Korean language, which is the official language of North & South Korea and some of China’s autonomous tribes.

Use Time Limits To Level Up

A handy tip for any Korean learner is to use some scale or set levels that you have to achieve in a stated time period. For instance, give yourself a task of learning 1,000 words in two weeks or learning 100 sentences in three days.

Once you get pastone level, move on to another level. To motivate yourself, you can even give yourself a reward each time you complete a level. Not only is this encouraging, but you will pick up the language even quickly as you boost your motivation.

Download Interactive Apps

You can easily ask native speakers questions about their languages and you will come to realise that the responses you receive through most of the apps are pretty fast accurate. Some of them even offer a rather cool function where you get to record yourself saying a few words of the language and people get to comment as to whether it is accurate or not.

Below are some of these apps and their features are as follows:

Talkie: This app is especially useful for those looking to perfect their language. You simply write a journal entry or a short paragraph about a certain topic, log it in, and you will receive corrections from native speakers who will fix your mistakes.

Lingo: Mainly focusing on three languages, namely Korean, Japanese and Chinese, this app gives you the opportunity of learning the Korean language. And it does an especially excellent job. There is audio inputted for everything that teaches you how to write the characters and it is very grammar intensive.

Hello Talk: Its amazing timeline features works exactly like Facebook, where you can add photos and comments; and ask people different things. Also, you can search for people to practice Chinese with, followed by a simple search in the app store which will yield wonderful results.

Apart from these apps, other websites like Memrise, FluentU and KoreanClass101 are also available to help you in speaking the Korean language fluently.

Start With The Basics

It doesn’t matter what language you plan to pick up, as long as you are at the starting point, you should begin with simple vocabulary and move on to complex words or sentence structures later on.

If you are someone who prefers learning from someone else, then you can always join Korean classes in Singapore and ensure you have no trouble learning the language.

The wider your vocabulary is, the easier it gets to speak fluently. Try to familiarize yourself with as many words as possible and then use them in simple sentences in routine conversation. It is important that you know how to translate a word or phrase from English to Korean and vice versa.

Understand How To Speak The Language Appropriately

Another important area of consideration is to learn the difference between the intensity of any word or speech. Know how to say the words politely or harshly.

When it comes to verbs, Korean is different from the English language. So, you should be aware of how to address older people or how to behave in social settings.

While all of these tips are indeed important, the last but not least thing you should take note of is to keep track of your progress. It will be especially useful in helping you see how far you have come. Start writing a diary, make a blog or start a study ground to get yourself be used to writing Korean and you easily speak the language in no time.