Basic Chinese Words You Need to Know

Mandarin classes are rampant nowadays. Who wouldn’t want to study Mandarin anyway, Chinese is the number 1 mostly used language all over the world. Aside from China being one of the biggest country and population, there are over 1 billion people that knows how to speak the Chinese language.

Learn Mandarin Singapore way is important since people from Singapore use Mandarin as their language. Mandarin classes may not even be necessary if you want to Learn Mandarin Singapore style since you would grow up hearing people speaking in Mandarin. But if you are not from Singapore and you want to travel to Chinese-speaking countries, you may want to study a little bit of the language.

Here are the basic Chinese words you need to know that will be useful to make your travel experience better:

1. Ni-hao-ma? (Knee-how-ma)
This is normally the Hello that we use if we apply it in English. It’s their simplest way of greeting other people.

2. Nin-gui-xing?(Neen-gway-shing)
This is to ask What is your name. Of course when you travel, you would meet a lot of people so it is important for you to know the name of the person you are talking to.

3. Wode-mingzi-shi…(wo-di-ming-zi-shi)
This is what you use to say your name. It literally means “My name is”. So you would say “Wo Di Ming Zi Shi _your name_ “.

4. Xie-xie (Sheh-sheh)
This is used to express gratitude. It means Thank you.

5. Bu-yong-xie (boo-yong-sheh)
Of course if you know how to say thank you,you would want to know how to say you’re welcome too.

6. Ni-cong-na-li-lai? (knee-tsun-na-lee-lei)
This one you would use to ask the person you are talking to if where are they from.

7. Dui-bu-qui (dway-boo-chee)
To be polite, you should know how to say Excuse me in their language.

8. Shui (shway)
If you are in the restaurant, this is what you will say if you want to ask for water.

9. Ce-suo(tsu-saw)
If you are in a public place, this is the translation for toilet.

10. Zai-jian(zi-gee-yen)
And of course, when parting with people, you would want to say goodbye.

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