Propel Your Language Learning With These Handy Tips

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If you have challenged yourself to learn a new language, there may be times you feel discouraged when the process seems to take longer than you anticipated. Seeing your friends and classmates all speaking fluently while you can’t grasp the right pronunciations can be demoralising. However, don’t give up just yet! You may be taking a longer time because you have not been using the right techniques to learn. To help you speed up your learning process, you can try out these tips that have been shown to be beneficial for language learning:

Practice speaking with someone fluent in the language 

The best way you can start learning a new language is to actually use it. It is normal to need to sit down and memorise the new words, but that alone is not enough. Practice helps you retain what you have learned, and gives you a realistic way to practise the language in conversation. If you have friends or colleagues who speak the language you are learning, you are in luck! If not, you can take to the internet to find a learning buddy who you can converse with over chat or video-call to practise the language regularly.

Be committed 

One common reason for not progressing in learning a language is the lack of commitment. Some people think that going for weekly language classes is sufficient. However, this is often untrue. Sometimes, the difference between those that succeed in learning a language and those that don’t is the amount of effort they put in. Some people study the language for hours every day, while some don’t do anything in between weekly lessons. If you are guilty of not putting in enough effort, perhaps it’s time to set up a study plan to help you stay on track.

Try and include the language in your lifestyle 

Listening to music or watching films in the language you are interested in learning is a fun way to help you not only remember words and their meanings but also help you grasp the correct pronunciation. If you are completely new to the language, it is best to start with films with simple plots, such as kids’ shows. Listening to music and looking up the meaning of the lyrics can also be a good way to learn. Consuming media in your target language is an enjoyable way to learn new words and grow more comfortable with listening and understanding the language.

Learning a language is all about putting in continuous effort. To reach your goals in learning a new language, you should employ these tips to help you accelerate your learning. If you have yet to start your language-learning journey, perhaps it is time to start with some classes. Why not check out the range of Korean, Chinese, or Japanese classes in Singapore?