Top 5 Business Languages Of The World

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The language used to communicate in business is directly affected by changes the international business goes through. In the world of business, different languages are used for communication, no matter how big or small your company is. When selling your services to companies overseas, one must have a firm grasp on their language as well.

So, without any further ado, let’s look at the top 5 influential business languages.

1. English undoubtedly takes first place as the language of the globe. Did you know that over ¾ of the world’s total population can understand and speak English? In fact, it is the Native language of 94 countries and is spoken by about 339 million people all over the world. Other than this, English remains in the number one position as the most popular language used on the Internet. This makes English the language of globalization.

2. Did you know that the Mandarin language is the newest thing in town? We cannot miss out the mandarin language when we talk about the most commonly used languages in the world. So, what makes the mandarin language so popular? The reason behind this success is that the Chinese people have expanded their business across the world. And judging by the present situation, the Chinese economy will be the world’s biggest by 2050. So, if you plan to do business with the Chinese, do make sure to learn Mandarin in SingaporeConsider Singapore Chinese courses for the best results.

3. Spanish is the fastest growing language in America. It may sound weird, but the United States is the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world and about 37.6 million people are Native Spanish speakers. We all know the economy in the USA is the largest, and if this continues, then, it’s likely for Spanish to become more important by 2050.

4. German is the language of European industries. And if you plan to pursue your business with German natives or in Germany, than mastering the language will prove to be quite beneficial. A fun fact is that German is not only spoken in Germany, but also widely spoken even in countries like Austria, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland.

5. Finally, the language attaining the fifth position is Portuguese. In fact, it occupies a position in the top 10 for the most spoken languages in the world. Portugal is known as the continent of opportunity and Brazil is the country which you should do business with. Countless opportunities are available when it comes to scientific cooperation in areas like energy and pharmaceuticals. According to some sources, the market there will undergo growth in the near future. Portuguese will also be gaining popularity in Asia. Thus, if you plan to improve your sales worldwide, learn the language.