3 Popular Languages You Can Pick Up and Learn in Singapore

In Singapore, there are several established language schools that offer lessons in developing your reading, writing and speaking skills of your language choice. With the aid of learning tools, accredited syllabus and systematized curriculums, you will be on your way to became a fluent and proficient multilingual speaker.

Why Learn a New Language?

Multilingualism has proven to be increasingly beneficial in today’s world. Besides improving and expanding your communication skills to connect with other language speakers, knowing more than one or two languages is a useful skillset in the global economy. Companies would require an equally diverse workforce to match a growing diverse client base, which would make a difference in smoothening various business activities.

Language and culture are also intimately linked. Besides learning how to speak and write, understanding another culture would be an eye-opening experience where you can hold engaging conversations and establish meaningful cross-cultural friendships. Learning a language is not only for those who are working or migrating to another country, you can also begin to appreciate creative works and entertainment in its original language such as foreign TV shows and movies.

As there are many languages to explore, narrow down your choices to these popular language courses below to decide which to enroll in Singapore.

  1. English

A global lingua franca, English is also the third largest language spoken by an estimate of 400 million people worldwide. It is also heavily used in Singapore, as one of the nation’s official languages, for communication in public mediums and spaces, and especially schools.

English courses in Singapore are available for children and adults, ranging from beginner to advanced lessons and private or group classes. You can learn conversational English or enrol in IELTS / TOEFL courses which open up doors to tertiary education and universities and improve your language skills in an academic setting. There are also business English class in Singapore for working professionals to enhance their career path and effectively connect in a diverse workplace.

  1. Chinese

With over a billion native speakers, Chinese is the world’s largest spoken language. Combined with the country’s rise to economic superpower status, having a good grasp on the Chinese language is an undeniable asset in career and personal development.

Mandarin classes in Singapore provide the stepping stone towards understanding China’s culture and language. Designed for individuals, expatriates and working professionals, anyone can begin to learn Chinese in Singapore from practical conversational Mandarin to business Chinese courses. In addition to honing communication skills, being exposed to Chinese culture will also help you to connect more effectively in social and workplace settings.

  1. Korean

The interest to learn Korean in Singapore has been steadily growing due to increasingly popular Korean dramas, movies, K-pop groups, music and entertainment. Whether you are planning a trip to South Korea, or are simply fond of Korean pop culture, Korean courses in Singapore can help you build a solid foundation in the language.

Gain deeper insights into the cultural aspect of the country and at the same time, learn the Hangeul characters efficiently so you can read your idols’ social media posts or rely less on translation subtitles. When you learn Korean in Singapore, you can improve everyday communication skills, increase business opportunities, or even prepare for the TOPIK test.

All in all, expanding your language skillsets not only enables you to communicate effectively in an increasingly global context, it also broadens your knowledge to understand the cultures of other people.