5 Reasons Why the Korean Language Is Not That Hard To Learn

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Everyone thinks that Korean is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Even the US government has officially released that it takes at least 2,200 hours to become proficient in the Korean language.

There are some formal speech and grammar parts that are difficult, but other parts are relatively easier. It is difficult at first, but if you learn, you can adapt to every language. That could have been the possible reason why Korean dramas and music is getting fame these days.

Here are five reasons explaining why the Korean language being difficult is not true.

1. Similar Or Even Easier To Learn Than Chinese & Japanese

You can write a lot of vocabulary words with just a few letters because of the beautiful harmony of Korean consonants and vowels. The first step in learning the Korean language is to familiarize yourself with the alphabets; which are more like the Chinese characters.

When you look at the alphabets, they might seem a bunch of scribbles or doodles. However, Korean alphabets are relatively easier than Chinese characters or Japanese characters in Hiragana and Katakana.

2. Does Not Take Long To Master

Just like the English language, the Korean language has a definite structure of Subject – Object – Verb. It also has conjugation and tenses so that you can learn the parts of speech and grammar with the rules.

There are only five types of irregular verbs and a very limited number of consonants, therefore, it does not take much longer to learn the grammar rules and sentence structure of the Korean language.

3. Easy Writing System

By far, the Korean language has the easiest writing system in the world. The writing system of the Korean language can be easily learned within a week’s time period.  Unlike other alphabets that expand organically, Korean alphabets were devised through a pre-planned process. They were invented with a particular purpose of making them easier to learn.

There are only 24 letters which can be fully learned within 90 minutes. That is why the writing system of Hangul, the Korean alphabet is very simple and quick to learn.

4. Unique Design Of Words

Korean letters are made with such intricacy and logic that you can make concise words therefrom. Unlike English letters, which are written in a horizontal line, Korean letters can be stacked together upon one another making the whole word brief and small.

The Korean language is made up of three types of words; Pure Korean, English and Chinese. The design of the words is such that when you learn one word, you can easily move onto the next word.

5. Naturally Familiar With Plenty Of Korean Words

One important reason for Korean being not a difficult language is that you already are familiar with thousands of Korean words. As stated earlier, the Korean language is made up of three types of words, and English words taking the prominent position after pure Korean words.

Hence, in Korean, many English words are being used. For instance, Taxi, computer, ice-cream and so on shall have a similar meaning as they have in the English language.

After reading all this, you must be wondering where to learn the Korean language in Singapore. The good news is, many schools and institutions are now offering Korean classes in Singapore. They provide professional learning courses at very economical rates. So, get ready to enroll in one yourself.