5 Unconventional Career Paths for the Modern Multilingual

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Having the ability and the knowledge of communicating in more than one language gives you an advantage in your professional career. Just by learning an additional language such as learning Japanese in Singapore, you become eligible for a huge range of job opportunities. Schools all over the world are making it mandatory for children to start learning a second language in their primary years of education as this not only enhances professional skills but also boosts a child’s developing cognitive skills.

There are also numerous language schools offering various language courses in Singapore. One instance is Japanese courses in Singapore.

You can consider various professions if you speak multiple languages. It puts you out there as a candidate who can adjust, speak and communicate clearly in a foreign country. In addition, you earn a higher remuneration as you are willing to travel and work in a foreign country.

The HR team of any global company is always on the lookout for multilingual professionals; these candidates always enjoy an upper-hand over the others throughout their professional career.

Here are some of the many professions that a multilingual person can pursue:

1. Hotel & Hospitality Industry

This service industry looks at hiring professionals who are polite and customer-oriented in their outlook. To know a second language would automatically make you eligible for a job in this industry. There are places where the hotel industry has to hire skilled professionals from other countries, knowing the local language only adds to your merits, and you will easily become the first choice for any hospitality company.

2. Government Jobs

Every government looks to hire professionals who can stay away from their home country in a foreign location to maintain friendly ties between the two countries. It is always easier to understand the emotions of any individual if you know how to communicate in their local language. Thus, it is easy to land a government job if you are multilingual. Governments also pay well to such diplomats who stay away from home to serve their country.

3. Travel Blogger

If you love travelling and exploring the world, then you should be fluent in more than one language. English is spoken all over the world, but there are countries where citizens would only like to communicate in their native language. Whichever country you travel to, speaking to the locals, visiting local shops, communicating in the local language will make the citizens welcome you. They will also be willing to share with you more details on their country’s tourism spots.

4. English Teacher

There are many countries where English is not the official language. These countries provide opportunities for people who are fluent in English to teach the language. For instance, in Japan, nearly half of the population do not speak English. Therefore, becoming an English teacher is considered a lucrative career option.

5. Musician

If you love music and would like to explore the music of a different culture, being multilingual will greatly benefit you. Knowing an additional language helps you understand and study the culture, as well as the evolution of its music. In addition, as a musician, it will definitely pay off in the long run if you can sing in more than one language.

The above are a handful of career opportunities that are unconventional from regular careers, such as a customer service representative, healthcare professional and many others. These are modern age career paths that multilingual professionals today can pursue.