Benefits To Enjoy When You Pick Up The Korean Language

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The Korean language has been steadily rising in popularity as a foreign language to learn, mainly due to the wide appeal of its music and drama. Whether you are a K-pop fan, or simply a voracious learner of languages, Korean is an excellent choice of language to pick up. If you are fishing for reasons why you should be learning Korean, let this list of benefits convince you!

  •    You can immerse yourself in Korean entertainment

One of the top reasons for learning Korean is the interest that was sparked off by Korean music or film. Although many people enjoy Korean music and dramas without understanding a word of the language, having knowledge of the language can further deepen the appreciation and enjoyment you receive from them. Not only can you experience the films and songs in their original language without subtitles, but you can also get a glimpse into their culture through their language.

  •    It can make you smarter

This applies to any new language you learn – studies have shown that people who can speak multiple languages enjoy cognitive benefits like better task-switching, better memory, better attention, and more. Even as an adult learner, your brain can stand to gain from the challenges of learning a new language. In addition, there has been research showing that bilinguals and multilinguals exhibit signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia at a later age than their monolingual counterparts. If that isn’t enough reason to pick up a new language, we don’t know what is.

  •    It will help you in your career

South Korea is home to numerous wealthy conglomerates, and is a strong contender in the tech and innovation fields. Think about it: LG, Samsung, and Hyundai are all well-known brands from Korea. If your business is planning to make its foray into the South Korean market, or if you are planning to nail a job at one of these prestigious companies, having a grasp of the Korean language will take you a long way. It will reflect well on you if you have put in the effort to learn the language, and will be extremely useful when you need to meet investors, partners, clients, and more.

  •    You can travel to Korea comfortably

Although most people can travel anywhere in the world now with the help of translation tools and the widespread availability of English signs, it is still best to have some knowledge of the local language. In South Korea, knowing how to speak Korean will allow you to strike up conversation with the locals, and navigate your way using the Korean language signs. Imagine getting into a taxi and being able to rattle off the address flawlessly to the driver – that’s the level of convenience and confidence you should aim for.

Indeed, isn’t Korean a great language to learn? To reap the benefits of knowing Korean, it is best to enrol yourself in a language class which provides a step-by-step learning experience for beginner learners. But you may have realised by now, some of these benefits are not limited to learning Korean – you can enjoy these benefits by learning any new language. With a wide range of language classes in Singapore, like Japanese courses, Chinese courses, and Korean courses, there is bound to be one you will love to learn. Begin your language learning journey today!