How To Ensure That Learning Mandarin Becomes Easy

Singapore Learn Mandarin
The Mandarin language is considered as one of the most spoken languages in the world. 92% of Chinese people speak Mandarin Chinese. That is why Singapore institutes now encourage learning the Mandarin language as the characters and sentence structure of Mandarin language helps the brain to work more efficiently.

We’ll explore what you need to know about the Mandarin language so learning it can be easier.

It’s Only Difficult at First

The very first thing about Mandarin is that it is not as difficult as people say. It has certain difficulties such as the characters, but it is a matter of staying with it and doing it every day by finding a system that works for you. Mandarin characters are one area where careful vocabulary study is helpful especially for the first 1000 characters. After that, when you come across them in reading, and you are more familiar with the components, it is a little bit easier to pick them up on the fly. To learn the language effectively, try to get engaged in input-based learning. Input-Based learning means reading in the Mandarin language extensively.


Another difficulty that people might come across is the range of tones in language, but here again, remember that everything that seems so strange at first in any language gradually seems easier. There is a snowball effect. With the passage of time and practice, the language becomes more and more familiar and easier to learn. Moreover, you should not put a lot of effort in trying to nail the pronunciation at the beginning, instead put your effort into listening and getting used to hearing the tones better. Tones are something that you will gradually get used to and don’t worry about it. It does not inhibit or should not inhibit your ability to enjoy the language through reading and listening.


The third thing about the Mandarin language is vocabulary. It does not have many common vocabulary items with other languages except for some Asian languages. And if we go through the parts of speech, the good news in Mandarin is that the grammar is quite simple nouns. There are no plural or feminine characters. You have to learn the nouns and verbs. Very often adverbs and adjectives can be used interchangeably.

Simplified Version of the Mandarin Language

There are a lot of situations where the genius of the Mandarin language is that it contains the most simplified version of things. This does not reflect the sign of the language being less developed. It is very helpful to have simplified these things. The order of the sentence is also very simple just like the English language.  You need to know where to put the time and the location of words.

Learning Mandarin is not very difficult, especially if your native language is close to the Chinese language such as Korean or Japanese, which uses most of the Chinese Character in it. Even if you are not from the Asian countries, you can learn Mandarin in Singapore from a good institute or online sources.